Save up to 66% on your AWS Storage with
Datomizer® S3NAS Cloud Vault

Lower Your Cost of AWS Storage

Huge Cost Savings

Save up to 66% on AWS

Lower Your Cost of AWS Storage

Backup Your Data

Secure Cloud Backup

Cloud Migration Made Easy

Easy Cloud Migration

Fast and Easy Set Up

disaster recovery in the cloud

Disaster Recovery

Plug and Play Deployment



Self healing technology protects data


High-Speed Access

Speed up data transfer 10x



On Demand Data



Evolution is built-in

Save up to 66% on your AWS Storage

Datomizer® S3NAS – Virtual Vault for AWS

A NAS vault so secure your data becomes invisible, while being available on demand and immediately scalable. Free to try and deploy on your public, private and hybrid clouds, this software-based NAS Vault provides your critical data an extra layer of. Save you up to 66% on your cloud storage costs with 10X access speeds and Tier 1 quality service on S3 instead of the more costly EC2.

What They’re Saying About Us in the AWS Marketplace

Datomizer® S3NAS – Takes the worries away regarding HIPPA and PPI Data
Freeman @ Kodak Alaris
“…I like that I can pick/mix my storage providers AND locations AND that Datomia® works with all their low cost storage options!”

Omer @ IoT company
“Datomizer® S3NAS – Virtual Vault for AWS” which gave us total flexibility, saved us money and on top-of all – we now feel like we have a partner to scale our operation while creating full confidence for our customers.”

Ali @ OMD Turkey
“They have a great technical support team also; when we’ve faced a few small problems with our infrastructure, they’ve reacted very quickly and solved the issue. Thank you Datomia®.”

Jens @
“Mission accomplished with Datomia®
– easy to setup and to integrate
– cost reduction on infrastructure side
– reliability and scalability tested with GoLive a couple of days later”

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Datomizer® S3 NAS Datasheet

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Datomizer® Features and Benefits

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Save up to 66% on your AWS Storage

A New State of Data®

Datomia® is a new standard in storage and streaming. Instead of replicating data, we re-create it into encrypted and encoded micro-fragments that become invisible, unable to be compromised. It offers anytime, anywhere availability of completely secure data.
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Where NAS Meets Public Cloud
Object Storage

Too much data? Too many options? Manage it all with the cloud agnostic Datomizer®Vault.

Enable your enterprise with webscale storage utilizing the Datomizer® advantage:

  • auto-encryption and security
  • robust management dashboard
  • massive linear scalability
  • 10x transfer speed
  • hardware and cloud vendor independent
  • multi-cloud