Datomia® Delivers A New State of Data®

Today we make compromises as we attempt to manage the mass of data and choose our priorities:

  • Cost
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Durability
  • High Speed Access
  • Simplicity

Datomizer® fulfills the promise of the cloud.

It’s a huge leap forward that delivers the power of
massive scalability, security, high speed streaming and cost in one platform.

Let’s look inside and see how it works.

Data flows into Datomizer® and activates a multi-step process that transforms this raw mass into encoded micro fragments that we call Data Atoms™, which are then spread across the cloud in a new state of data.

datomizer technology creates new state of data

Information DNA™

view inside a data atom

Our unique process of data manipulation destroys the shape of the data, creating a mass of random slices. The arbitrarily arranged slices are formed into blocks and encoded with proprietary algorithms. The imprinted technology is what we call DataDNA®. These blocks are compressed and treated with military grade encryption, and user selected de-duplication settings are applied. In the final stage of treatment, Datomizer® creates Data Atoms™ that are composed of the processed, de-duplicated data, metadata and DataDNA®.

Thousands of these Data Atoms™ are connected to each other through their shared DataDNA®. The Data Atoms™ are uploaded to geographically dispersed storage nodes of your choosing, while being carefully monitored by a smart caching system.

In order to read or write any file stored with Datomizer®, the Data Atoms™ are activated, your requested files are located by the metadata hashes and first unlocked with permissions from the Information DNA™ contained in the Datomizer® central system.

The files are delivered to the local machine only after the DataDNA® passes through the Datomizer® software that is unlocked with the admin login.

Your Data Becomes Invisible!

To the intruder or potential hacker, only random data exists inside each data atom. No continuous bits of information of any file exists inside a single data atom. The data is so widely distributed there isn’t a single viable point of weakness to attack.

To retrieve actual files, bits and pieces are pulled out of many data atoms and re-created by the Datomizer®. This entire process is instantaneous.

The bits of data are reassembled on demand and flow back through parallel channels from each storage node. Imagine thousands of tiny bits streaming from multiple locations without any limitation of space or time, recreated only as it passes through the Datomizer® virtual machine. Even the largest file streams and opens on a local machine in real time.

DataAtoms® are truly the next stage in the evolution of information technology. Where all data is aware, connected, secure and available without leaving a single footprint on your local machine or system.