Company Overview

Datomia® is a leading provider of frictionless software­ defined storage and streaming solutions that solves the major pain points of the modern enterprise. It offers unbreakable security, scalability on the fly, high speed streaming and Failed Node Protection (FNP) data safety, all with a significant reduction in the total cost of operation.

Datomia’s Datomizer® technology is a transformational entry into the market in that it is a fusion of massively scalable, distributed cloud storage and high speed streaming based on its unique method of atomizing raw data into specially encoded micro-fragments and spreading them across a variety of storage nodes.

Who We Are

david yanovsky, Datomia CEO

David Yanovsky – Founder, CEO and CTO

David Yanovsky is a visionary technology leader with a proven track record of business and technology results. David is a serial entrepreneur who founded and led the development of Jetro Platforms, a leading application virtualization product that is used by tens of thousands of users worldwide. While at Jetro, Yanovsky developed secure internet browsing capability for the Israeli government.

Jetro was acquired by the RDT group. David is an in demand consultant, who had provided solutions for Intel, Playtech, Recover Management Systems and a variety of governmental and defense industry projects. David is a graduate of the Moscow institute Physics and Technology. David is responsible for Datomia’s business and technology strategy and runs the R&D operation.


Moshe Wilshinsky – Co-Founder and Chairman

Moshe has over 30 years of experience in M&A, corporate finance, investment banking, and venture capital. He co-founded Wilco Financial Services Inc., one of the first technology-based mortgage companies and Consumer Data Technologies, Israel’s first independent credit reporting company, acquired by D&B. Moshe has been in the founding and executive management team of several of startups prior to Datomia®. As Chairman, Moshe is responsible for the fund raise and financial activities.