Datomizer® NAS Vault Technology,
a highly Secure, Cloud Storage and Streaming Platform

Datomizer® NAS Cloud Vault is a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant and highly available storage system. It allows organizations to combine geographically dispersed cloud storage providers into a single namespace which is transparent on Unix and Windows systems in the same way as any other file system.

Datomizer® is provisioned as a virtual appliance or docker, that can run under any virtualization framework like: VMware, Xen, OpenStack, etc, or can be easily packaged on a hardware appliance. Under the hood, the Datomia® virtual appliance is running on an Ubuntu distribution of Linux. The appliance is preconfigured with a firewall and pre-installed security certificates for secure SSL and SSH communications.

A core innovation of the Datomizer® NAS Vault is in the creation of a new and unconventional storage paradigm that essentially has the properties of NAS Technology and Object Storage. We accomplish this with an all-new erasure codec and the creation of Data Atoms.

Creating Data Atoms™
The groundbreaking Datomizer® technology completely atomizes data, creating encrypted fragments of encoded and randomized data, that are anonymously scattered across a wide range of storage nodes. The micro fragments stream across parallel channels, multiplying transfer speed and enhancing reliability.

Your data flows into Datomizer® and activates a multi-step process that transforms this raw mass into our Data Atoms, which are comprised of compressed, encrypted fragments of data, metadata and Information DNA. Your data is completely invisible without the use of our proprietary algorithms. Data Atoms do not contain a single sequence of bytes from the original data objects, making it impossible to compromise the stored data.


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