Save Money with AWS using Datomizer S3 NAS

Save money with AWS using Datomizer S3 NAS,
Military Grade Security, Massive Scale

Your business depends on data, so it better be bullet-proof safe, 100% available, fast, easy to access. Datomizer S3 NAS puts your on-demand, mission-critical data under Military-level security protocols. This is the only NAS solution available today that allows you to operate your S3 cloud storage as a virtual hard drive, allows instant access to the files and data required for the smooth and efficient operation of your business and helps you save Money with AWS.

Save 66 Percent with AWS Using S3

Datomizer S3 NAS provides high performance NAS vault using S3 Storage infrastructure. This software-defined platform delivers new levels of total cost of ownership, allowing you to achieve optimal performance with complete hardware independence.

Efficiency in De-Duplication

Most cloud storage providers increase your costs by 200 percent or more to deliver data protection by duplicated or triplicated data, which significantly increases storage, networking and compute infrastructure costs. Using erasure coding, Datomizer® adds just 30-50 percent overhead to the infrastructure. Lost data is algorithmically derived from small recovery codes appended to the encrypted fragments data, making data protection an embedded service and cost saving benefit of the platform.

Failed Node Protection Guarantees Uptime

Failed Node Protection (FNP) makes sure your data is always available regardless of planned or unplanned downtime, even in disaster scenarios, guaranteeing fulltime uptime of your data storage:

• at petabyte to exabyte scale, RAID does not provide acceptable protection from data loss
• today’s backup and replication approaches can’t keep up with typical ingest rates at this scale.
• RAID at petabyte scale results in data loss.
• Asynchronous replication is inherently vulnerable to data loss (data in flight during disaster).

Datomizer® FNP saves up to 60% in storage, providing both data durability and performance due to patent pending Information DNA™ technology.

Save Money with AWS using Datomizer S3 NAS

Improve Performance and Increase Capacity

Datomizer® provides unlimited NAS storage on AWS S3 nodes. Now you can access up to 15 petabytes from your instance, saving you considerable amounts of money over EC2 and share as NFS, CIFS and iSCSI storage. Other NAS solutions provide only one vault per instance, with Datomizer® you save money and effort as we allow multiple vaults per instance in certain subscription packages. Get petabytes of S3-backed cloud storage for Tier 1, archival, backup and other mass storage uses as well. Datomizer® has smart caching that allows it to achieve Tier 1 performance on S3.

Dashboard Management and Real Time Analytics

From the dashboard you can track and manage the overall health and activity of the system, IOPS and throughput to the storage system in real time. The dashboard reports disk usage as hundreds of files and multiple directories are being created every minute across many storage nodes and geographic locations.

8 Reasons to Choose Datomizer S3 NAS


Save Money

Save up to 66% as Datomizer® lowers your cloud costs.



Grow your technology infrastructure to petascale and beyond.


for Security

Most secure, military grade solution, available today.


Plug and

Download, install and run. It’s that easy!



Protecting long term data integrity with self healing technology.


High-Speed Access

Datomizer® technology is 10x faster than any other solution.



Always on demand even in a disaster scenario.



Evolution is built in to the

Save Money with AWS using Datomizer S3 NAS

Plug and Play

Datomizer® is a web app that can be configured in minutes for IT admin and DevOps. The simple to follow wizard will have you from Free Trial to long term user in minutes! Datomizer S3 NAS works around the clock, always On-Demand, wherever in the world you need, whenever you need it, in any device it’s needed.

Launched Datomizer® in your AWS console or from the AWS Marketplace and get yourself up and running in minutes.

Check our Getting Started section here for more details

Save Money with AWS using Datomizer S3 NAS

Most Secure NFS, CIFS and iSCSI on AWS

Datomizer S3 NAS uses the very nature of cloud computing to protect and secure your confidential data, creating what we call invisible data. Datomizer® encodes data into micro-fragments and spreads them across many storage nodes in multiple geographic locations. In order to reassemble the data, patent pending algorithms identify the encoded micro-fragments, allowing only the owner of the data to locate and reassemble the data as required at any geographical location. We provide top level, client side military encryption, that safeguards your data storage by combining information dispersal with top level security.

Save Money in AWS with Datomizer S3 NAS

Complete Data Integrity

The confidentiality and integrity of your data is preserved in the event any fragments of your data are compromised. Datomizer’s data coding methods require all information to be known in order to be deciphered.

Datomizer works within AWS storage infrastructures like EBS and S3 within your own AWS account. Your data is always secure and always under your control within your AWS virtual private cloud. Datomizer provides you options to fully encrypt your data, providing extra levels of security.

Save Money in AWS with Datomizer S3 NAS

The Datomizer® platform is a new paradigm
in storage and streaming technology.

Instead of transferring and replicating data, it is recreated into encrypted fragments of data that are comprised of Information DNA™, metadata and randomized raw data. We call these encrypted fragments Data Atoms™, and they cannot be hacked or tampered with. End customers expect anytime anywhere availability of data across devices and this outcome is assured.

The platform’s highly secure virtual architecture provides multi-faceted security that is well suited for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 data storage. The core Datomizer® technology is based on proprietary algorithms that ensure data integrity and facilitates dynamically scalable, secure storage resources on the fly.

Datomizer® radically improves:

  • data reliability and integrity
  • network and application performance
  • security
  • cost and availability

Features and Benefits

Save Money with AWS using Datomizer S3 NAS, providing more Features and Benefits than any other NAS solution, giving you better performance, cost and reliability.

Storage Interfaces:

  • NAS
  • Block
  • Restful API
  • S3 Feature Restful API
  • iSCSI
  • NFS
  • SMB

Storage types

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
  • Active Archive
  • Synchronised Cross-Instance

Disk (Vault) features:

  • Cross-Zone Availability
  • Elastic Vault (resizing on fly)
  • Glacier Vault

Data Protection

  • FNP (Failed node protection
  • Lost data self-healing
  • Cross-zone data protection
  • Data-Center Fail protection
  • Disk Snapshotting
  • Time-machine

Storage Infrastructures

  • AWS S3
  • AWS Glacier

Coming Soon to:

  • Azure BLOB
  • Google storage
  • IBM Object Store

Additional Features

  • No Single point of failure
  • No Data replication
  • Data increase rate only 1.4x
  • Client side data encryption
  • Server side data encryption
  • Compression
  • De-duplication
  • Time-machine
  • Geo transparency
  • Data transfer speed up to 10x
  • Real Time Analytics Dashboard
  • Historical Analytics Dashboard