The Datomia® innovation is in the creation of a new and unconventional storage paradigm that essentially has the properties of NAS Technology and Object Storage. Traditional NAS storage offers very good performance, but produces too much replicated data and has very demanding infrastructure requirements, such as stacks of SSD Drives, Flash Drives and other dedicated hardware to provide performance.

Object storage is much simpler, the data is secure, may be dispersed but even with erasure coding will require an additional 60% data duplication for disaster recovery. But Object Storage is missing the basic protocols, interfaces and hierarchical structure of NAS storage systems and requires complicated integration scenarios with existing enterprise applications.

Datomia®’s technological uniqueness is in the combination of traditional NAS and cutting edge erasure-coding, providing enterprise applications with a multi-vendor storage solution that has all benefits of object storage. In Datomia® storage, every file is also an object, with a unique ID and ability to be accessed from any application, from any geographic location and from any public or private storage provider, with simple HTTPS protocol, regardless of the same object being filed in a sub-folder on the NAS file system.

Datomia®’s proprietary Datomizer® technology completely atomizes data, creating encrypted fragments that are anonymously scattered and stored across many storage providers using parallel channels, making it impossible to compromise the stored data and multiplying data transfer speed 10x.

These encrypted fragments are completely invisible without the use of our proprietary algorithms. The fragmented data does not contain any sequence of bytes from the original data objects even without the military grade security activated.


Our unique process destroys the shape of the data, creating a mass of random slices. The slices are formed into blocks and imprinted with our proprietary Information DNA™.

Datomizer® compresses these encoded blocks, encrypts them with military grade algorithms, and applies user selected de-duplication settings. Datomizer® finally creates Data Atoms™ that are composed of the randomized raw data, metadata and DataDNA.


The Data Atoms™ are uploaded to geographically dispersed storage nodes of your choosing, while being carefully monitored by a smart caching system.

Datomizer® is the only software defined storage platform that achieves such high levels of security, unlimited bandwidth, high speed streaming and low cost – as a result of it’s unique method of processing data and it’s use of proprietary Information DNA™.

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