Getting Started with Datomizer S3 NAS for AWS

Datomizer S3 NAS is a plug and play, completely virtualized vault, which is accessed through our web app dashboard. The Datomizer® dashboard provides complete control and analysis of your data in the vault.

The best thing is you’ll be up and running in minutes and starting to save money right away.

Free Trial Technical Requirements – best practices configuration

30 Day Free Trial

SMB Trial User Minimum Installation

2 CPU Cores, 8GB memory, 100 GB HD, 20 Mbit internet

Supported Minimum or Higher VMware Virtualization Software:

Fusion 5.x
Workstation 9.x
Player 5.x

Enterprise Trial User Minimum Installation

4 CPU Cores, 16GB memory, 100 GB HD, 100 Mbit internet

Fusion 5.x
Workstation 9.x
Player 5.x

20 MBit connection
1-2 TB Vault

50 MBit connection
4-8 TB Vault

100 MBit connection
16-32 TB Vault

1 GBit connection
Above 32 TB Vault

Network needs to accept https protocol traffic externally

1.If necessary, download and install the latest version of VMWare Virtualization Client or Server software
2. Import your Datomizer Virtual Machine
3. Confirm or change the settings of the virtual machine
4. Once deployed the settings cannot be changed

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Step 1 Sign Up

Sign up for your Free Trial and download a virtual machine from the AWS marketplace

Step 2 Get the IP Address

Copy the IP address from your instance and paste it in your browser.

Step 3 Login

Login to the Datomizer Dashboard with admin/admin and continue to fill in the required details.

Enter your company details.

Then Enter your AWS access key.


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Once your key is accepted, you will need to enter your secret password in order to update admin


Step 4 Setting Up Your Vault

The default view of the dashboard will be the Vault . You must Create a Vault to begin working with your Datomizer NAS vault.

First set up preferences for your vault:

  • Region: You will need to chose how many geographic locations to “spread” your data
  • Size: input amount of data you will need to store in your vault
  • Failed Node Protection: It is very important to choose how many nodes, or datacenters, can fail and still allow reliable and complete access to your data. We recommend 30 to 50%.

Now your Vault will initialize and run.

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Your vaults and local storage will appear in the File Manager

Copy data from your network or AWS EBS drive to your new Vault

There are two groups of dashboards, Cache and Storage Nodes

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In the cache dashboard, you can monitor data waiting to be uploaded. All Datomized data is uploaded through the cache.

1. Atoms per node: Datomizer atomizes files and distributes encrypted fragments of Information DNA to the various AWS S3 storage centers. This view shows how many fragments are pooled in each center.

2. Total Amount of Atoms: Shows the sum of all atoms

3. Size per Node: Shows the amount of data in each node

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4. Total Size of Atoms: Shows the total size of all the Atoms in storage

Dashboard View of Storage Nodes displays activity per node

Each graph can be zoomed
The timeline/range can be customized in order to view data in specific time periods

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