Save 66 Percent for AWS Storage

Datomizer’s data handling technology provides massive storage efficiency,
which delivers CAPEX and OPEX savings. Achieve near Tier 1
performance with S3 storage nodes to save on your AWS storage costs.
Have a look at this infographic to see how you save 66 percent and more.

Save 66 Percent for AWS Storage

While data has been growing at staggering rates, data storage budgets have not.

Save 66 percent for AWS Storage

Drastically reduce the cost of migrating your data to the cloud. Datomizer’s unique data handling technology provides massive storage efficiency, which delivers savings of capital and operating expense savings. Our methodology allows you to achieve near Tier 1 performance using cheaper S3 storage nodes, with all storage interfaces supported over S3.

Minimizing the Cost of your Disaster Recovery plan. Most disaster recovery service providers increase your costs by 300 percent or more to deliver the data protection you need. Customer data is typically triplicated, which significantly increases storage, networking and compute infrastructure costs. Using our proprietary Erasure Codec, Datomizer adds just 30-50 percent overhead to the infrastructure. Lost data is algorithmically derived from small recovery codes appended to the encrypted fragments of Information DNA™, making data protection an embedded service and cost saving benefit of the platform.

Utilize commodity hardware. Datomia’s software-defined platform delivers new levels of total cost of ownership, allowing you to achieve optimal performance from commodity hardware.

Increased efficiency over time. The larger your environment grows, the more you save. Your storage efficiency improves as data size grows, which means greater returns on your investment over time.

Data transfers nearly 30x faster than standard TCP. Today’s standard cloud performance is limited by the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), congestion control algorithms. Datomizer’s encrypted fragments of Information DNA™ are only 512 bytes and run across parallel channels, increasing productivity and significantly decreasing overall cost of bandwidth.