Backup Your Data in the Cloud and Save up to 66% on AWS

The Most Secure Cloud Back Up for your important data and save money on AWS. Datomizer® provides secure cloud backup by uploading and dispersing your applications, workload and data to any one or all AWS nodes automically. Work with S3 storage for Tier 1 quality service.

secure cloud backup diagram
secure cloud backup

Secure Cloud Backup with Datomizer®

Backup your data to the cloud with a Datomizer S3 NAS virtual vault and your data is always available.


  • Geographically independent, use and control any AWS node
  • Datomizer® machine uploads and disperses the data to any or all AWS nodes
    and between them
  • Access to Cloud Scale of up to 15 Petabytes
  • Military-Level Security with both encryption and proprietary Information DNA™ technology
  • Data can be geographically dispersed within country borders where required
  • Backup operations are consolidated
  • Vaults are file systems that are natively integrated
    with backup operations
  • 10X Data Transfer speed increases using Data Atoms™ and geographic dispersal
  • Failed Node Protection secures your data if a number of data centers or nodes goes offline
  • Self healing technology maintains the integrity of your data
  • Data control always remains in your hands through powerful and simple Control Center GUI
  • Data Deduplication

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multi-cloud backup

Backup to Multiple Storage Nodes and Providers

Backup your data and workload to multiple storage nodes and providers – and become completely cloud independent. The Datomizer® Cloud Vault lets you easily migrate your applications to the cloud whether they are physical, virtualized, cloud-based or mixed. The simple to use Control Center takes minutes to get started and provides no downtime. Datomizer® Cloud Vault let’s you create an exact replica of your entire workload or application in the cloud, with the storage and configuration data. Workload and applications that are uploaded to the vault are automatically and continuously backed up and snapshotted.


Secure, Safe and Reliable Cloud Backup

Failed Node Protection and geographic transparency provide extra reliability and preparation for data backup. Datomizer® storage employs proprietary technology to disperse data across a wide variety of public clouds, data centers, rack storage nodes and and even disks, across geographies. If a particular disk drive or storage node fails, the data can still be promptly recreated on the fly from the remaining disks and nodes. Employing Self-Healing technology, Datomizer® continuously detects and repairs data integrity, disk bit errors and failures 24/7, representing a more robust solution than even traditional RAID disk storage solutions.


Cost Control

Lower costs with Datomizer’s smart caching that allows it to achieve Tier 1 performance on S3 type storage nodes without the extra cost of an EBS drive or the full time use of EC2. With access to all cloud providers at all time, you will never be locked in or dependent on a specific cloud provider. If there is a rate increase, just move your data to another provider, or split your data among several providers


Deduplication and Failed Node Protection

Datomizer’s data deduplication optimizes storage and data transfers by eliminating redundant data. This allows you to save money on disk space, as well reducing the amount of data, which speeds up transfers for remote backups, replication and disaster recovery. With Failed Node Protection, any node can be taken off line and you still have full access to your data. This makes you independent from cloud vendors, allowing you to easily disconnect at any time.


Move Data from One Datacenter to Another with Unlimited Scale

With Datomizer Vault you can upload to your own accounts in any public cloud and from cloud to cloud, from datacenter to datacenter, from datacenter to cloud and cloud to datacenter – all easily managed from the file system in your vault. There are never any vendor or cloud provider lock ins. Datomizer® vault provisions full POSIX compliant file system. Now you can scale up to 15 petabytes per instance, with an unlimited number of files and folders, saving considerable amounts of money and share as NFS, CIFS and iSCSI storage.