• Your business is about discovering new markets, developing new products and creating opportunity. Why be bothered by data security concerns, huge storage and streaming costs, cumbersome backup and latency problems?
  • Datomia® is the change you are looking for, the fusion of secure storage, scalability and high speed streaming. Datomia® atomizes your data, making it invisible to the world, but immediately available to you
  • Datomizer® NAS Vaults are a new paradigm in data storage and streaming that has been designed to solve many your most pressing problems in a single platform.

Solutions to Get Datomized!


Disaster Recovery

Multi-cloud back up for
business continuity


Telecoms and Datacenters

Optimize infrastructure investment and lower cost


Cloud Migration

With Datomizer® you will never
need to migrate again



Manage, optimize and enhance data storage


VM Data Recovery

Protect your mission and business critical virtualized applications


Media Companies

Scalable media storage and delivery