Securing Your Virtualized Environments

Backing up your virtualized applications and files with a Datomizer® NAS Vault preserves business-critical data in case of interruption and is as easy as copying your files onto another drive. Vault automatically uploads and disperses applications, workload and data to any one or more public clouds by connecting to the largest cloud ecosystem available, with automatic connections to storage nodes on AWS, Azure, IBM and Google.


Backing up and Protecting Virtualized Environments

Today more and more mission- and business-critical applications, such as SQL, Exchange and Oracle, are virtualized. As a result, it is necessary to provide the same level of protection and recovery capabilities for virtual environments as they had in purely physical server settings.

According to an Enterprise Strategy Group report on Trends in Protecting Highly Virtualized Environments, virtualization rates as one of the top challenges in data protection. The primary challenges relate to recoverability of data, backup validation and simplified views across the infrastructure.


Data Backup and Recoverability with DatomizerVault

DatomizerVault makes the backup process much easier and less costly with it’s 10x transfer speed increase, reduced redundancy and tolerance for lower IaaS performance – we can use S3 vs ES2. Once you’ve uploaded and backed up your data, it is always available, at any place and time. Thus your data can be retrieved on demand without delay in the case of a loss.


Datomizer® Cloud Storage as an Image Hub

DatomizerVault is an ideal cloud storage solution as an image store or hub for virtual machines and desktop images in combination with whatever software distributions solution you are using.

For instance,Datomizer® can be deployed to manage the Veeam Backups to the cloud in order to make backup and restore faster and more secure.

Use High Performance storage as a cache storage for your DatomizerVault and push non-frequently used data for VDI or XenApp Desktops to the cloud.


Secure, Safe and Reliable

Failed Node Protection and geographic transparency provide extra reliability and security. Datomizer® storage employs proprietary Information DNA™ technology to disperse data across a wide variety of public clouds, data centers, rack storage nodes and and even disks, across geographies. If a particular disk drive or storage node fails, the data can still be promptly recreated on the fly from the remaining disks and nodes. Employing Self-Healing technology, Datomizer® continuously detects and repairs data integrity, disk bit errors and failures 24/7, representing a more robust solution than even traditional RAID disk storage solutions.


Cost Control

Lower costs with Datomizer’s smart caching allows it to achieve near-Tier 1 performance on S3 type storage nodes. With access to all cloud providers at all time, you will never be locked in or dependent on a specific cloud provider. If there is a rate increase, just move your data to another provider, or split your data among several providers.